Who Are We

We are a young Swiss start-up founded by Kjersti and Aina. With a drive to make a difference to the environmental challenges we are confronted with today and a vision to create something with a purpose. We quickly discovered that electric mobility is key in solving this challenge. Therefore, our goal is to help drive electric mobility forward with offering a wide range of electric scooters in an affordable way, without compromising on quality.  

Our Mission

At Pineapple Bikes we are dedicated to two things, sustainable mobility and affordable options for our customers. We take great pride in helping our customers make Switzerland a greener and cleaner place by offering a means of transportation that helps reduce Co2 emission. We are fully aligned with Switzerland 2050 climate zero net emissions target. 

With our interest-free monthly instalments you can get the scooter you want and still save for the future or meet financial goals.

Our mission, to help people travel in an easy, sustainable and affordable way.

We at Pineapple Bikes are passionate about electric mobility and believe innovation and technology is shaping the future of mobility in an environmentally-friendly way. Our core values are transparency and honesty. No more hidden costs, a 100% online journey and fair monthly pricing for your electric scooter.

Based in Zürich, Switzerland

75% of Switzerlands energy is renewable.

Hydropower has long since been a major source of renewable energy for Switzerland. But the "new" renewables, including solar, wood, biomass, wind, geothermal energy and ambient heat, also play an increasingly important role in Switzerland's supply of electricity, heat and fuels.

Passion for nature and renewable energy

Pineapple Bikes was born out of a passion for the nature and the outdoors, with a desire to reduce the impact we have on our nature and climate. We want electric scooters and motorcycles to replace the conventional combustion motorcycles for the better of our health and climate. 


Co-Founder & CEO

“After buying my first E-scooter and seeing how much more mobile and free I am when cruising around in Zurich, I now want others to experience the same feeling. I’m convinced that electric scooters can be an alternative form of transportation that competes with combustion powered vehicles.”


Co-Founder and CMO

"I believe that no one can do everything, but everyone can do something to make the world a better place. After almost a decade being a professional kiteboarder enjoying mother nature, I want to make sure my kids can enjoy and explore the same world I did. I believe electric mobility is the future and will massively reduce co2 and noise in cities world-wide."