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Electric scooters
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100% Electric Juice
Roam freely and make your city a better place


45 km/h

50 km range

3449 CHF or
72 CHF/ month


45 km/h

100 km range

3949 CHF or
82 CHF/ month


85 km/h

70 km range

4499 CHF or
94 CHF/ month

Quick Overview of Our E-scooters

1 CHF/100 km
E- scooters driving cost

Swiss street

Charge at any power outlet

2 year

Free home delivery within 2 weeks

0% Financing available

< 1CHF/100 km E- scooter driving cost

Swiss street legal

Charge at any power outlet

2 Years warrenty

Free home delivery within two weeks

0% Financing available

Zero Emissions

We work to create cities free from pollution and noise

Forget about traffic jams and parking problems, we offer affordable, zero-emission E-scooters

Do you want to be part of change in your city?


What Our Customers Says

"I was looking for an e-scooter and am really enthusiastic about the concept of Pineapple Bikes. You can find everything you need to know on the website and if you have any questions, the customer service is great. And the scooters are really beautiful, making electric mobility fun!"


"Reasonable price, easy to navigate website and top notch customer service. Definitely recommend if you want a practical, city-friendly, eco-friendly electric scooter!"


"As a Vespa lover, I have been very sceptical about electric scooters. Until I had the opportunity to ride a Pineapple scooter! I am thrilled and have already ordered one. Advice, design and price-performance ratio are top! Even if I keep my Vespa, I have to admit that my Italian friends could learn a lot from Pineapple. Now I was waiting very impatiently and with great anticipation for my new runabout."


"Great and easy process to get an escooter! Future of mobility!"


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