The Benefits of Electric Scooters

In addition to cutting emissions, electric scooters provide many benefits to drivers


Electric vehicles are becoming more mainstream, the costs are dropping and there are a wide variety of benefits for drivers making the switch. From the environmental impact to the savings you can make on fuel and maintenance costs. Below are what we think are the top six benefits of electric scooters:

1 They do not pollute

Electric scooters are all about saving fuel and helping the environment. In a time where air pollution is increasing, electric scooters will lead to lower CO2 emission compared to conventional combustion vehicles. By opting for an electric scooter instead of a combustion vehicle, you help reduce the carbon footprint, which again helps everyone!

2 They need little maintenance

An E-scooter has one moving part, unlike conventional scooters which have lots of moving parts, such as oil, spark plugs, air filters or timing belts. The only maintenance you’ll need to take care of is the tyres, brake pads and hydraulic fluid, however, as the electric motor does most of the braking, these parts will last much longer than on a conventional scooter, thus the maintenance of an E-scooter is very simple.

3 They help you save money

The initial cost for an electric scooter might be higher than a conventional scooter, but in the long run, an electric scooter will be cheaper. For an electric scooter, the price for 100 km is under 1 CHF, compared to 6 CHF for a conventional scooter. In addition, the low maintenance requirements mean fewer trips to the mechanic and less time and money spent on repair.

4 They are powerful

Modern electric scooters offer the same power as conventional scooters. With 100% instant torque, you get a rapid acceleration that a conventional scooter cannot match. They are also able to take advantage of the kinetic energy produced during braking to charge the battery partially.

5 They are silent

Did you know that noise pollution is a real problem? As electric scooters have no combustion engine, they do not produce noise or vibration, thus improving the travel experience both for you and those around you making the ride just as enjoyable as being on a bicycle, but without the sweat.

6 They are easy to charge

The battery can easily be removed and charged at any household socket, in your home or at the office. It takes around 2 to 6 hours to charge most batteries. The batteries are also light, weighing less than 10 kg, so no problem if you live in a flat without elevator.