How To Register Your Vehicle

How To Register Your Vehicle

Got a new scooter? This is what you need to do  

Obtain your vehicle registration document and license plate. To receive this, you need to register your scooter with the Road Traffic Office in your canton. Before registering the vehicle at the Road Traffic Office, you need the following: 

  • The vehicle registration certificate (form 13.20 A), which we will send to you.
  • Obtain a liability insurance, which is mandatory. Choose an insurance that suits your needs. The insurance company will send the proof of insurance to the Road Traffic Office, confirming that you have the required insurance.
  • A copy of your ID / residence permit if this is your first number plate.

Below you can find the contact details of the Road Traffic Office in your canton:

Which insurance provider to choose?

Regardless of whether you just want to enjoy a feeling of freedom, are looking for an alternative to traffic jams or want to benefit from lower fuel consumption from an electric scooter, you still need an insurance. To find out which insurance company is best for you, we recommend to use They have compared the motorcycle insurance premiums of the major insurance companies in Switzerland.