How to Take Care of Your Scooter This Winter

How to Take Care of Your Scooter This Winter

Don’t forget to take care of your scooter during the cold winter months. A little maintenance is all it takes. Read our best tips on how to take care of your scooter this winter.

First of all, be careful when driving
Most of us do not ride our scooter in the winter, however, if you’re planning to ride your scooter during ice or snow, be extra careful. Drive slowly and be gentle when braking and steering. Always be cautious of the road and weather conditions. Remember, the breaking distances will increase on slippery roads. Other examples are potholes that might not have been gritted or ice that take longer time to thaw on the edge of a road.

For electrical scooters, the most important part is the battery
Almost all electric scooters have lithium-ion batteries. The temperature of the storage place of your scooter should never reach below 0 °C. Temperatures below this point will cause loss of storage capacity over time and damage the battery. If you can’t find a storage place for your scooter above 0 °C, consider removing the battery and storing it separately. Of course, avoid this if it voids your warranty. If you choose to store the battery separately, there are special bags which will protect it from outside influences, and protect your home from accidents involving the battery.

Further to the temperature of the storage place, you should also take into account the charge level of your battery. The battery preserves most of its life when stored at around 40%. Never let the battery fully run out of charge. This can be permanently damaging and therefore the most important part of storing your electric scooter.

Additionally, the battery should not be stored charged at 100%, which will cause it to lose its lifespan and capacity faster. Charging your battery up to 60% once every month while stored, is a good solution. This makes sure it stays at a healthy level of charge during storage time.

It is also recommended to bring the scooter to room temperature and give it some time to warm up a little, before charging the battery.

Tires, care for them
It’s always a good idea to rotate the front tire of your scooter periodically. This can prevent the progress of a flat spot when storing your bike over the winter. Ensure the tires are fully inflated to the recommended pressure. Some experts recommend placing a piece of lumber under the front tire, to keep it away from cold concrete that can lead to flat spots.

Don’t forget to clean
Be vigilant with cleaning. Grit from the roads, especially during winter months, can rust the bodywork. It is recommended to clean your bike after a ride, which will help keep it in a good condition. If you have to store your scooter outside, prevent corrosion by covering it to protect it from the elements.