Why You Should Choose an Electric Scooter

Why You Should Choose an Electric Scooter

Electric motorcycles might seem like a new concept, but they are quickly becoming a popular option for bike riders across the globe. More electric options are becoming available and more riders sees the advantage an electric motorbike. Previous issues as range and charging time is advancing fast and becoming better by the day. By choosing an electric motorbike instead of a conventional motorbike, you help reduce the negative impact CO2 emission have on our climate, environment and ultimately our own well being. 

For many the sustainability aspect of en electric motorcycle is key. An electric scooter is a zero emission form of transportation and therefore much more sustainable than conventional scooters. If electric vehicles were more common there would be a significant relief of the environmental impact that  transportation has. Electric bikes are particularly beneficial in cities because they reduce smog.  

It has been debated that electric vehicles is more resource consuming to make, and that the electricity often is sourced from a non-renewable source. However, production methods are improving, batteries are becoming recyclable and there are many sources of renewable power being used. 

Motorbikes are often much more unregulated than cars, which means that while there is not so many motorbikes as cars, they still emit more smog than cars.  

Another benefit which also benefits the environment is the reduction of noise pollution. Did you know that noise pollution can cause several health problems such as high blood pressure, stress and anxiety, especially in big cities with lots of traffic and public transportation. By choosing an electric motorbike you help reduce the noise level where you live. 

Saving money
Yes, electric motorbikes are often more expensive than conventional bikes, but over time you will actually save a lot of money due the low maintenance required and the fact that electricity is cheaper than fuel. 

In addition, a lot of governments have incentives on purchase price, taxes and other expenses.

Instant torque and power
With amazing power comes speed! With 100% instant torque, you get a rapid acceleration that a conventional motorbike cannot match. The delivery of this torque is linear, meaning the surge feeling you get with conventional motorbikes is gone. 

Low maintenance
An electric motorbike has just one moving part, which mean less time and money used on maintenance and repair and more time for fun, such as riding your bike. It does not have oil, spark plugs, air filters or timing belts and some electric bikes won’t even have a gearbox or clutch, unlike a fuel motorbike which has lots of moving parts. The only maintenance you’ll need to carry out is on the tires, brake pads and hydraulic fluid, which will last longer as the electric motor does most of the breaking.